La Alternancia, un modelo pedagógico que forja desarrollo rural en El Tambo, Cauca

The Alternation: a pedagogical model that forges rural development in El Tambo, Cauca

“Company and community promoting sustainable communities” is the name of the publication that brings together, as chronicles, the five winning experiences of the III Latin American Prize for Sustainable Communities, Transformers. It was launched on 20th March within the framework of the X International Forum of RedEAmérica held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The executive director of the Foundation, Beatriz Mejia, participated as a speaker during this forum, sharing the pedagogical model of Alternation that has been implemented in our Agricultural and Forestry Technical Institutes – ITAF since 2003.

The purpose of the pedagogical model of the Alternation, is to generate in the children and young people of the rural sector: citizenship, work and entrepreneurial abilities, that implement comprehensive technical, agriculture and forestry education, with emphasis on the creation of rural micro-enterprises. The educational model includes both access to microcredit for the development of rural enterprises of students and their families, and technical support for their initiatives.

The Smurfit Kappa Colombia Foundation, with the experience “The Alternation, a pedagogical model forging rural development in El Tambo, Cauca“, won the Latin American Transformers Prize, awarded by RedeAmérica in 2017, in the category of private social investment and sustainable communities. It builds an innovative educational model, inclusive and relevant, which revolves around the family and the territory, to strengthen the skills of young people and create leadership, factors that have influenced the access of the families to the circles of income generation and in the involvement of young people.

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Publication in Spanish: HERE

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