Through Revolving Funds and Bankomunales (Communal Funds) we support microfinance processes to achieve the technological improvement of productive projects and the satisfaction of consumption needs of families.


They are informal financing schemes of the grassroots organizations, managed by members of the boards of directors and representatives of the associationss to offer them easy and timely credit.

The capital of the funds comes from several sources: Rural Opportunities and Project of Support to Productive Alliances, both of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), and of the subsidization of the Focus fund through the Corporation Consortium for Community Development.


9 organizations have revolving microcredit funds. The capital of these funds is $ 475 million.

BANKOMUNALES (Communal Funds)

They are microfinance associations in which the partners group together to invest and provide credit services to each other, under norms or rules that they themselves establish. These “Bankomunales” are also a financial education strategy.

The resources are self-managed by the community. They currently have a capital of $ 590 million.


23 Bankomunales with 429 beneficiary shareholders.

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