Semillas de paz

Seeds of peace

The “Seeds of Peace” plan is a program in which employees of Smurfit Kappa Colombia voluntarily sponsor young farmers with economic difficulties and a high academic level, guaranteeing their secondary education and their technical education in the Technical, Agricultural and Forestry Institutes- ITAF.

The Technical, Agricultural and Forestry Institutes – ITAF, provide training for young farmers in the area of influence of the Smurfitt Kappa forestry project in Colombia. Theyprovide primary, secondary and middle technical education, with emphasis on agriculture and forestry, focused on principles and values, such that  the youths can construct life-projects.

The objective of the ITAF is to train young people from the rural sector with basic, citizenship and labour skills that generate economic and social opportunities, supported by scientific, technical and technological knowledge pertinent to the agricultural and forestry sector.

The institutes are located in the municipalities of Darién, in the Cauca Valley region, and in the Tambo and Cajibío in the department of Cauca.

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